Full service engine maintenance, diagnostics, replacement and repair

A "basic" no start diagnosis is what most people need to get going again.

Should the problem go deeper than what "basic" covers we offer advanced diagnostics at $95 an hour.

Basic diagnostics is typically included with your repair but of course every situation is unique.

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FAME Garage is a full service maintenance and repair shop.


Looking for more performance? Need a Crate engine installed? Give us a call.

Classic Services

Your classic car will feel like a different machine after a few days at FAME Garage.

Oil Leaks

Is your driveway stained? We fix oil leaks big and small. Restore oil pressure and keep your engine running longer.


We diagnose and replace O2 Sensors, cam sensors, temperature sensors and dozens of others to keep your car running how it should.

Timing Belts

On some engines a broken timing belt can destroy the engine. It's cheaper to change the timing belt than the engine.

Check Engine Light

We do basic and advanced computer diagnostics using advanced industry tools that give us an advanced view of your vehicle.

Tune Ups and Maintenance

All of your maintenance needs like tune ups, flushes and periodically inspecting your vehicle for problems keeps it on the road longer (for less money).

Engine Health

Whether it's a car you recently purchased or your reliable daily driver we can examine your engine and determine the overall health of your engine. Without taking it apart there are some limits but you won't know if you don't look. It's better to know the general health of your engine before something goes wrong.

Turbo and Supercharger

Whether factory or aftermarket boost, when you have a high performance vehicle who you trust with it becomes a bigger deal. We do supercharger oil changes and turbo system repairs. FAME Garage founder Curtis Cowan does custom fabrication and welding, maintenance and diagnostics.



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